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In Generation Z today, patience has run out, and people are looking for quick fixes. Creating movies / marketing videos / promotional videos for the business is an excellent way to achieve the goal. In order for a marketing video to be successful, it must attract the viewer's attention. It must be kept as present as possible in the video.


How do you create an image video that will capture the viewer’s attention?

A consumer’s heart is the goal. To catch the consumer’s attention, we need to use all the tools at our disposal.
With marketing videos, you can create marketing that works through emotion. Videos in marketing evoke feelings, evoke nostalgia, influence our thoughts and opinions, and create instant appeal. Your marketing videos can tell the story of your business and convince viewers to contact you in less than a minute.


Is a promotional video necessary for every business?

The majority of businesses these days emphasize that an invested video returns the business’s investment. With the help of a promotional video, your business encourages consumers to purchase its products or services. As a result of trust between consumer and business, the consumer becomes a “captive” and thus a regular customer. It’s all about a memorable, high-quality, and original viewing experience!


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How it works?

There are several steps until you get a winning marketing video. let’s start!


First step: Concept & Planning

Your video has a purpose, what is it? Who is your target audience? Let’s begin with a characterization conversation and set goals! We will decide what the video will be about. Is it a promotional video? A cartoon? Is it a marketing video? Is it short video? Is it a video? Is it commercial? We will put things in order and make only preliminary decisions. The business owner will be asked for examples of videos from YouTube, Vimeo… whatever is convenient for you in order to understand what type of video the business owner wants to create. Our team at Studio Z. Design will show the client examples of marketing videos we have produced, so that they can formulate a final concept. Additionally, a general budget for the production will be developed.


Step two: Start with the script

Now that we’ve completed the first stage, we’re moving on to writing the script. The purpose of writing the script is to describe the events of a promotional video. The breakdown includes: the video length, the video’s duration, the stages of the video, images, video clips, titles, texts, narration, and sound effects. Usually, we work according to a storyboard – a visual script that shows the client each stage of the story in a visual format. The customer will be able to see for himself what will happen at each stage.


Third step: Filming a promotional video

Is the script ready? You’re free to go!
Did we decide to take pictures? Do we have a concept in mind? Can you create animations and characters and animate them? The decisions have already been made and the video is being produced as planned. It’s the most exciting part of the process!

Our photo days consist of a high-quality team working in the Z.Design studio, which includes: a videographer, a still photographer, and a drone if needed. Everything depends on the concept we choose according to the budget with our client. Everything is meticulously prepared and planned in advance by the entire production team! We at Z.Design Studio coordinate all the professionals from A to Z, all with the goal of achieving a winning marketing video!

To produce a promotional video of the highest quality, we have all the necessary resources. With quality and professional photography, we aim to create an exciting, memorable viewing experience that leaves a taste for more. From showing on giant screens to distributing through various media, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. A promotional video can be adapted to any viewing format.


Step four: Editing the video

This is one of the most challenging stages. We have a sea of materials and now we have to put everything together. To create a strong and memorable promotional video, we sample, cut, and combine different scenes.


So how do you do it?

Raw materials that were photographed are transferred to Z.Design Studio. It is now time to begin editing, which is actually re-editing all the raw materials to create a targeted and perfect promotional video. Video footage, still images, texts, sound and narration are gathered at this stage, and editing begins! Frame by frame, they go through, select, arrange, edit, sample, cut, and design in order to get a final product that’s satisfying to the customer.



To create a winning promotional video, a highly professional team works day and night, using all their skills.

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