Innovative product 3D that brings your brand to life

Welcome to a new era of digital experiences - an era where every static branding and graphic idea is transformed into a rich, three-dimensional experience full of life.

What is ALIVE?

Meet ALIVE, a leading brand from Studio Z.Design that combines advanced technologies with tools from artificial intelligence. ALIVE is a revolution in the world of branding and advertising, bringing to life every graphic design, branding, or idea and turning it into a three-dimensional experience. Every image, logo, or advertising campaign gains a new dimension of movement and vitality.

Shall we begin?


A true experience is one that touches the emotions. ZOZO, based on the idea that movement and interactivity deepen the connection and involvement of the customer, is not just a matter of technology but of creating an emotional bond with the consumer.

What can ALIVE do for you?

Animating brands

Turning static branding into a living, breathing brand that communicates with customers in a new and fascinating way.

Innovative videos

Creating videos that blend reality with imagination and create a breathtaking experience.

Creating virtual characters

Interactive characters that serve as chatbots, provide 24/7 responses, and deepen the experience with customers – anytime, anywhere. The characters can be fictional or real.

Who is ALIVE suitable for?

ALIVE is the ideal product for companies and organizations that want to highlight their brand, deepen the connection with their customers, and offer an irreplaceable experience. In an era where the advertising space is crowded and more competitive than ever, it’s very important to differentiate and rise above competitors. A project like this allows companies to lead in the innovation forefront, and to capture the audience’s attention in ways that were not possible before. It also provides added value in sales promotion campaigns, as it encourages interaction and active participation of viewers, which can lead to increased involvement and commitment of customers to the brand.

If you want to be part of the revolution in the world of branding and advertising, ALIVE is the right choice for you!

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